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What We Do

We really REALLY do have everything we need. Its taken me a long time to learn this lesson, and now from each cell in my body, I can tell you this is true. We have everything we need we just don’t know how to fully tap into, harness and leverage it. Who has the time to fully appreciate and explore these built-in, natural systems? Can we really do this this while performing flybys on our way to complete the next set of multiple tasks?

I work with women who have clear goals and feel a calling to tap into her inner wisdom and resources to create the outcomes she desires. If this speaks to you and you feel in your bones you are now ready for more, then it’s time for us to create your custom skill sets to equip you for authentic self-ownership and internal balance in a way that costs you less energy, comes with maximum flow and more ease.

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“Petalyn is brilliant, intuitive, compassionate and fun! And very skilled in her profession. Her coaching has helped me navigate through a professional transition, with fresh perspectives and practical ideas that I can implement immediately. I feel ready to proceed with confidence. Thank you Petalyn!”


Owner of Jenny Bisset Acupuncture & Herbs, San Carlos